Outlaw Trails is an independent private company established 2000. We’re Simon Casson, Mark & Tom Kempster plus a few loyal like-minded folks who are educated real life travelers, adventurers, explorers.¬†Originally we offered ‘open’ rides: anyone could join. Today we only deliver bespoke private charters. Your group. Unmissable experiences – unique horse riding adventure holidays in the USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Our differential: horseback trips in the USA give experiential travelers opportunity to ride best tracts of the legendary Outlaw Trail without having to endure adversity and difficulty of the 1999 epic. Executing reality of expectation they don’t compare to dude or equestrian holidays, are not all things to all people, biggest, oldest or global. We gear for those seeking new challenging adventures – earned experiences based on exclusivity, desirability and scarcity. We also underpin a handful of leisure companies specializing in handcrafted travel, unique events, uber lifestyle and unrivaled reward-incentive.

Outlaw Trails works ethically, by responsibly supporting local suppliers and outfitters who are licensed, dedicated professionals. Avoiding commercial outsiders, tourist fare and speculators’ trips (purporting to be something else), we tailor rides to suit a group’s taste, talent and toughness. Excellent horses, quality equipment, high standards – our guides and outfitters are engaging, interesting, knowledgeable people who are life-time experienced. Some are noted experts in their field – they also teach basics of low impact travel, leaving only a foot or hoof-print.¬†We believe horse travel is perfect ecotourism. High levels of respect and duty of care in field, ensures Outlaw Trails delivers its share of protecting wilderness for future generations.

For your financial protection, we are fully bonded in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA ATOL 5158) and the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA 99162).