Outlaw Trails operate bespoke riding holidays – old time horse pack-trips, long rides and horse riding expeditions deep into wilderness regions which have changed little over centuries. Our horse riding treks cover some of the remotest trails in North and South America. These epic adventues allow you to discover the Copper Canyon in Mexico, the Lake District of Chile, Patagonia Argentina,  Bolivia’s High Sierras and the Peruvian Andes, along with unrivalled forays into the Wild West states of the USA.

Outlaw Trails horseback treks blend adventure, history and cultures. In the US you may visit genuine legendary hideouts where  Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Harvey ‘Kid Curry’ Logan, the Wild Bunch, Hole-in-the-Wall and Robbers Roost Gangs based themselves at the end of the 19th century. We cross paths with Coronado, Cabeza de Vaca and the Apache. In Mexico shadow Pancho Villa, General ‘Black Jack’ Pershing, the Comanche, Apache and border outlaws. Throughout South America trace trails of Spanish Conquistadors, missionaries and gold hunters. Follow Manco Inca in Peru and hunt up Butch and Sundance in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

Outlaw Trails groups are kept small, to minimize impact on fragile environments. We keep it personal – it’s no fun with 20 people. Some departures are limited due to extremes of climate, Government agency permits and special dispensation required to travel sensitive regions. Horses ridden in North America are generally the Quarter horse, known for their hardiness, agility, docility. In South America we use Criollos and Chilean mountain horses. Pack-trains comprise of horses and mules.

Experiencing little known regions means there are challenges. At best, our jump-off points are remote outposts. You need to be flexible, prepared to expect the unexpected. Our program is naturally selective and attracts folks inclined to confront and endure isolated offbeat areas.

Our suppliers have outfitted: Robert Redford, National Geographic, Time, History and Discovery Channels, American Cowboy, Range Magazine, Vogue, Sony, Sierra Club, Lonely Planet and Colorado Outward Bound to name an impressive few. We are on/off members of the following scholarly organizations: Royal Geographical Society; Outlaw Trail History Association; Wild West History Association and South American Explorers.