Bespoke Itineraries

Why bespoke?

We like originality and prefer different. That’s how we travel. Handcrafted – personal. Your vision, our expertise.

Investigating possibilities

Accessing the most interesting places and remote outposts, peerless personal contacts allow us to offer proper non-commercial, authentic trips, geared for those seeking unique travel experiences. Bespoke horse riding holidays – not in the guide books, travel magazines, off the shelf  nor tweaked from someone else’s brochure. This is breath-taking exploratory travel, delivering you a close-to-the-bone vacation or in range terminology: “the Real McCoy”.


Choose the region where you want to ride, when you wish to travel, with whom, for how long and what you’d like tailored in. If you have a theme in mind, please call. To confirm an engagement we/our suppliers always require deposits. Next we’ll discuss the facts, ask for your input and refine any elements. After scoping the remit carefully and establishing an itinerary, we secure your approval. Then we talk to your party members diligently ensuring their needs can be properly balanced. Private, tailored, original, epic, inspiring…

Above image: on the slickrocks, exiting Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Utah