Butch & Sundance Trail


Situated in the Chubut Valley, Argentina. Ride across mountains, wild rivers and breathtaking canyons, exploring lakes, waterfalls and rugged trails. Elevations rise from 4,500 – 6,600 feet. 


A hundred years ago Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid homesteaded in the Chubut Valley. They escaped numerous enforcement agencies, bounty hunters and the Pinkertons to drive their cattle across the Patagonian Wilderness from Argentina to Chile. Their trail over the Andes, named the ‘Cochamo Road’ had been used by Indians, Jesuit priests and traders for centuries before. 


Our Butch & Sundance riding adventure in Patagonia begins at San Carlos de Bariloche. Embarking on a circuit trail of the famous former bandidos yanquis, this adventure trek heads east into the dry steppes around the Chubut valley. Cross fast-running rivers and granite green mountains to ride deeper into the sierras. Enjoy spectacular scenery along the route and view the endless expanse of nature climbing higher into the Cordillera overlooking the Chubut valley. 

Pass through remote settlements, see wild cattle and learn of the gold and silver mines the outlaws tried their luck in prospecting. Nearing El Bolson we track through canyons and lake country to Perito Moreno, a ski resort before negotiating a mountainous area to the Manso valley. We are a mile or so from Chile. Heading back we trail through the lake and mountain country into cattle wilderness. You need to be reasonably horse fit, spending five hours per day in the saddle.

10 days/9 nights. Accommodation: tents, farmhouse rooms. Group size: 4-10. Cost POA.