Sierra Madre Adventure


Starting from El Paso, Texas then a border hop into Chihuahua State, our horse riding adventure holiday takes us deep in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains and the Copper Canyons of Mexico.


Homeland to the reclusive Tarahumara Indians, the incredible Sierra Madre is rich in history and legend. The area was held under constant siege by the Apache for well over a century. Famous chief Geronimo used the region as a refuge from General George Crook and the U.S. Army until his surrender 1886. Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa also hid out here following pursuit by General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing on the 1917 punitive expedition. Think a combo of author Richard Grant and his book God’s Middle Finger – plenty of synergy, hopefully minus the bandits and vibe of Tommy Lee Jones in movie Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada!


Meet the trail crew and after orientation we pack and head out from Otchique to the mining town of Uruachic (founded 1736) and descend from 7,000 feet through mountains, mesas and canyons to the Charuyvo River, following it to the confluence of the Oteros at 4,000 feet. Along the route see ghost mining towns, Indian caves, rock art, traditional Mexican ranchos, gold and silver mines, oak and pine forests, subtropical canyons and  hot springs. The northern sierra is magnificent and embraces fifteen major canyon systems within an area of 47,000 square miles – our trip takes in two of these, the Candamena and Oteras- Chinipas. You will experience solated hidden canyon and mountain riding blending natural history and culture. Elevations rise from 4,000 – 8,300 feet.

Following rugged trails into great barrancas, explore Mexico’s highest waterfall and ride through the dusty streets of Arapunapuche, a seventeenth century village, unchanged since Pacho Villa’s Division del Norte recruited riders to fight General Huerta’s Federales in 1914. Cross the Great Divide on remote rough trails and travel through some of the wildest terrain on earth. You will overnight at ranchos exploring trails and viewpoints of the Basaseachic Falls and Barranca de Candamena. Wildlife is abundant, black bears, mountain lion, bobcats, small jaguars, macaws, parrots, deer, peccaries, quail, golden eagles and many other species.  A demanding adventure geared for experienced riders able to spend long hours in the saddle and willing to hike and traverse steep dangerous sections. This is the real deal, so expect the unexpected. Indiana Jones eat your heart out!


Accommodation: hotel/cabin/tents; Duration: 11 days-10 nights; Group size: 4-8; Departures: April/October; Cost: £ POA