San Vicente


Situated within the Cord Chocaya west of Tupiza, Bolivia.


Our horse riding expedition in Bolivia shadows the bandits’ final escape route, through narrow Andean roads threading through craggy valleys and mountain passes, to the mining village where the duo perished on November 6 1908, after being cornered by a Bolivian posse. The ride is based on excellent research accomplished by our friends, Washington D.C. writers Daniel Buck and Anne Meadows, and published in ‘Digging Up Butch and Sundance’.


Elevations rise from 10,000 – 15,000 feet on this incredible trip to San Vicente. Spectacular remote riding, unchanged since the last century. Follow the trail to Tomahuaico to Estarca and Chucho riding past fields of sugar cane climbing a precipitous road through a narrow canyon to Palquiza, onto the wide San Juan del Oro valley. Wind through the hills and cross rivers to pass landslides where the land is fit for thorn scrub, cacti and yareta. The snow capped Lipez Mountains lie to the west and the drop is 3,000 feet to the valley below. It is a wonderful area of stunning scenery, colored gorges and canyons,  green valleys, cactus forests, multi-colored rock formations, dotted by a variety of lagoons in various colors and shades, inactive and snowy volcanoes and the largest salt plain in the world.

San Vicente is due north over a brow of red buttes and through the Carbonera ravine. Sheer walls of the Quebrada Tomahuaico rise to form a sandy slope, below is an irrigation ditch marking the place where white houses used to stand and where the outlaws spent their final night. The ride featured in the Independent September 11, 1999.


Accommodation: tents; Duration: 7 days/6 nights; Group size: 4-6 ; Departures: on application; Cost £ POA