Simon Casson


Simon Casson is an author-adventurer and distant relative of Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. Once billed as “Sussex’ answer to Indiana Jones” he’s a recognized authority on Butch, Sundance, the Wild Bunch and Outlaw Trail. Working with leading historians, researchers, outlaw family members, libraries, genealogists and journalists, Simon and Richard Adamson were first historically accurately to complete the ride Mexico-Canada (2,036 miles) unsupported in 1999.

Their critically acclaimed book “Riding The Outlaw Trail in the Footsteps of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” has been enjoyed by many for the subject matter and respect shown for America’s most successful bandit riders. Simon has also written for Travel Trade Gazette, Essentially America, Outlaw Trail History Journal, the English Westerners Society Tally Sheet.

Simon organizes and leads pack-trips, long-rides and expeditions for adventurous travelers, Old West aficionados, families+friends, corporate, charity fundraisers and military. On-off Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, the English Westerners Society, South American Explorers, Wild West History Association, he’s a rider with a proven track record of organizing and accomplishing demanding expeditions. He has ridden deep into Utah’s Canyonlands; cowboyed on historic cattle ranges in Brown’s Park, Colorado and Hole-in-the-Wall country, Wyoming and tracked Butch and Sundance’s Wild Bunch across the western states of America. Quite possibly nobody since the bandits and lawmen time-line, has anyone explored the West on horseback extensively as he.